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USCIS Translation Services

When people immigrate to the US, one of the first things they need is a USCIS acceptance of their documents. Foreigners need to provide their essential documents to lawfully immigrate or even extend their stay. That’s why the best certified USCIS translation services are in high demand. If the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services accepts papers, it is much easier for staying in the US. We understand how important USCIS approved documents are because this is the key to successful work, marriage, or business activity in the US. Today, we picked the best services to help you with your immigration documents translation.

Review of Top 5 USCIS Certified Translation Services

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This service provides a wide range of certified documents and guarantees USCIS acceptance. Through our Internet research about this company, we found out that rates of USCIS acceptance are high because customers praised top service which helped them immigrate. When we’ve uploaded our documents, we’ve got a timely delivery and a good quality of final English certified translation for USCIS. We gave our papers to immigration lawyers and they also said that document was certified and had no mistakes. Customer support was friendly and helped us with frequently asked questions, so we had a great impression about this company and their top services which take TheWordPoint in the first place of our review.

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TranslateHub is one of those options that are safe to consider for USCIS translation services, even though it comes at a certain price. Still, what makes it different and a good choice is their adherence to correct formatting while working with your templates. They also meet the deadlines well, which is one of those aspects that play a critical role in urgent document translation. Since they have a large selection of translation experts, the company’s turnaround is quite good and provides accuracy in terms of availability. Their customer support is excellent, and they will happily guide you through the USCIS translation process by offering helpful tips, which is essential when you are dealing with such an important issue.
Meeting the deadlines
excellent customer support
formatting accuracy
Cons: It is a bit pricey.


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This small agency offers only 52 languages but promises skilled human translation. There are some European as well as Asian languages available, so Chinese or Vietnamese language services are not a problem. We were glad because a machine cannot translate documents that will get acceptance. There is a standard price to translate document for USCIS which counts pages, and prices are affordable. This company has multiple options when it comes to deadlines because there's an urgent delivery option. We were intrigued and made an order. The document was late, so speed of delivery isn’t top. Still, the delay was small, and accuracy of our final document was one of the best. So, we are glad to give this service a second place in our top list.


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This professional service offers certified translation for discount prices. Negative thing is, it’s hard to get a free quote for a long time and did not get an email response from a company. We think such customer support is unresponsive, so this was a deterrent for us. Plus, their website needed some repair and lacked essential information. We found out that final product quality was overall acceptable but not the best because there were signs of machine work. Still, it was delivered timely. Because of negative impressions about website, support, and order placement, it got fourth place in our top list. We guess that this service is good for general tasks but still translating documents for USCIS is too hard for machines.


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This service is experienced, as it has been a long time on the market. Sure, there are more affordable options, but USCIS translations weren’t one of them. Speed of delivery was great because we received our paper far before the deadline, so we were pleased with that. Still, our area of concern was accuracy. On the Net, we found mixed reviews about this company, so we were prepared for possible flaws. We received poor quality translation which disappointed us. After paying a considerable price, our team found out that the version we received would not be accepted by any organization. Our specialist approved that there was little or no proofreading and there was a machine translation involved, which is unacceptable for the best language agency which promises USCIS acceptance. This is fine for general translation, but not for USCIS. We think that accuracy is the top concern of any agency, that is why this company can feature only in the fifth place of our best list.

How We Select Best USCIS Translation Service for Review

There are many spheres of company’s operation that form our opinion on a service. We carefully evaluate each of them, after which calculate our final mark. The criteria don’t change, but we may add an extra one for a specific language, for example Vietnamese to English or certified Serbian translation services, or translation type. We consider following points in review:

  • USCIS Acceptance

This time, our team searched for services that guarantee high quality and certify their translation. We understand that if no USCIS translation certification guarantees results, such documents may be pointless.

  • Company Research

As usual, we researched company background, their site, and customer reviews online. We think that top services always have the best reviews because grateful customers are always willing to praise the company which helped them pass USCIS.

  • Communication with Support

We review this part for future customers because they may ask questions, request a quote, and ask for help. Friendly professional support members are a must for a top company.

  • Order Placement

Only companies with the best order placement system make it to our top list. We understand the frustration of a client who can’t place their order because the payment system is inconvenient or the site is slow.

  • Price Comparison

Another area of our investigation is price. We compare all services which provide USCIS document translation to determine the best options with the most affordable prices per word or page.

  • Checking Accuracy

This is the most essential part of the whole estimation. For us, accuracy of the final version is always a top concern. The best companies provide flawless, accurate services in English which customers can use straight away.

What Is USCIS and Why I Need to Translate for Them?

The abbreviation stands for US Citizenship and Immigration Services. This is a federal agency that looks over immigration to the US and makes sure that this immigration is lawful. This agency approves activity in the US for individuals. USCIS has procedures of approval, one of them includes looking at translated documents that people submit. Such submission is part of a bureaucratic procedure that you need to immigrate to the US. If you are from Mexico or Latin America, be sure to find the best Spanish translation services to get USCIS acceptance. That is why everyone who plans immigration should have their necessary documents translated by a reliable agency that guarantees USCIS acceptance.

Importance of Certified Translation For USCIS

In accordance with Code of Federal Regulations, If you submitted any documentation in a foreign language together with an USCIS application, do not forget to attach their official translations into English language. Birth and death certificates, marriage and divorce decrees, passports, visas, academic transcripts or diplomas are examples of common papers that need to be translated. Any documentation in a foreign language that back up your USCIS form must be translated into English and certified. If a translation is not provided at the time of filing, it will probably be rejected or subject to a request for evidence, which delays the process. That is why think carefully before getting outside help with USCIS certified translations.

Which Documents Do I Need for USCIS?

There are many visa types for immigration, so the checklist for USCIS translation certificate may vary. For a work visa, you will need CV certified translation, but you might not need it if you get married and immigrate. Still, the rules are more or less the same for all. There are top 10 papers which Citizenship and Immigration Services representatives ask you to have:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Financial Documents
  3. Marriage Certificate
  4. Green Card Holder or Evidence of US Citizenship
  5. Police Clearance
  6. Certificate Evidence of Lawful US Entry and Status
  7. Court, Police, and Prison Records
  8. Divorce Papers
  9. Deportation Documents
  10. Military Records

Do I Need to Get Notarized Documents for USCIS?

A few years ago you needed notarized services, but this is not the case now. You need documents translated by a certified person who works with this kind of paper.

Use These Tips to Choose Best USCIS Translations

Company certifications. If translators are certified to work with official documents in English like birth or marriage certificates, give it a go.

Human translation. Machine translation is not welcomed when it comes to serious official papers. They will make lots of mistakes because only humans can carefully edit, proofread, and compare such paper with the original to certify it. Machine translations cannot be called certified translations.

Prices and Urgency. Sometimes USCIS translation services are ordered in a rush. So, companies which provide the best urgent services are a priority. Still, the price may be high, so choose the best variant which has to be affordable.

Guarantees. Good company has clear and precise terms and conditions. Read them very carefully and be aware of all peculiarities they mention. Check if there is money-back guarantee in case something goes wrong.

Confidentiality. Each customer wants to ensure that their documents and other information provided will be secure and confidential. Get acquainted with privacy policy of the language service.

Learn All USCIS Translation Requirements

Make sure to get USCIS certified translation services if you need your documents translated. This is due to the fact that certain guidelines and standards must be followed when translating papers for submission of applications to the USCIS. Applications that include translated documents are accepted by the organization; all other applications are declined. It is necessary to give this portion the highest care and choose the translation service provider while keeping in mind the organization's rules because USCIS insist on accurate translation of documents.

Read Reviews to Find Best Certified USCIS Services

When it comes to immigration, choosing the best translation services is a hard task. All of the companies online promise USCIS acceptance in short terms. That is why research services at IsAccurate and read reliable reviews from industry experts. Certifications for your paper are a big deal because they guarantee your immigration permit. So, take time to choose the right one and find reliable, affordable document translation services for USCIS with the best accuracy. We wish you luck with immigration and hope that this top-5 list of best companies helped you make your choice.


  • What if I badly translate documents for a USCIS application?

If you submit mistranslations to USCIS, there is a high chance that your official paper will be rejected. This situation is undesirable because it wastes your time. That is why trust specialists who will provide a correct certified document.

  • Do I need my birth certificate translated for USCIS?

A birth certificate is one of the documents that you need for USCIS application acceptance. Also, be sure that you have such papers as marriage or divorce certificate, police clearance, financial documents in English, police records, etc. For a full list of official papers, visit organization’s website.

  • Do I need to notarize my documents?

At the moment, you don’t need to notarize your documents. Still, you need to provide certified papers. That means, USCIS approved translators should be a certified specialist who has permits.

  • Can I turn to public notaries to translate my birth certificate?

Although you may try it, this doesn’t mean guaranteed USCIS acceptance. It’s best to turn to a professional agency that performs certified translation for USCIS. Only they can handle your papers and provide you with an accurate and clear copy of your documents.


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