Best USCIS Translation Services Reviewed by Certified Experts (2023)

Today, best certified USCIS translation services have crucial importance both for companies and citizens. Businesses may expand their range of activities after they pass USCIS approval. Also, for immigration purposes, people get their documents for USCIS and extend their stay. For best document acceptance, you must submit best error-free, accurate texts within the given deadline. In this review, we rated 10 top services that provide best USCIS accepted documents. Our reliable specialists tested the services for accuracy, speed, and adherence to USCIS standards to create this list. Read on and find about the top 10 USCIS services on the market today.








Best USCIS Translation Services Reviewed by Certified Experts (1)

Start at $19.9Min delivery time 6 hrs.

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Our best expert review specialists in many fields agreed that this service deserves a top position. TheWordPoint operates in many languages and has extensive experience in the field. We have proof that this company has the best linguists who are native speakers. A USCIS officer checked our final document and said that the acceptance of such a document is guaranteed. The website is informative and intuitive, it contains all the necessary information which is best from the customer’s side. Their support team was friendly and patient, and the payment process went smoothly. We were pleased to review this company.


  • Certified for USCIS with guaranteed acceptance
  • Human translation
  • Affordable prices for the marketing segment
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Additional urgency fees








Best USCIS Translation Services Reviewed by Certified Experts (2)

Start at $24.95Min delivery time 12 hrs.

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This service provides best results for many industries and has top USCIS approved translators into English. You can hire specified experts for government papers, which is a plus. The company has human experts and its turnaround time is 24 hours, which is a pleasant bonus. Our order was late in half an hour, so this was the only drawback of this agency.


  • Transparent pricing
  • Certified specialists
  • Great, informative site
  • Revision


  • Lateness
  • No live chat or phone communication

Best USCIS Translation Services Reviewed by Certified Experts (3)

Start at $35.0Min delivery time 24 hrs.

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This company is a global provider of best certified translation for USCIS. The organization has existed on the market for quite a long time, so our degree of trust rose when we found out about their experience. The company also offers notarized English translation and proofreading in more than 50 languages, which is a plus. The first file we received wasn’t top quality, but we successfully revised it. We received our project a day late, which is a bad sign. Still, counting our overall positive experience, this company takes a firm third place.


  • Great quality
  • Affordable pricing
  • Revision option
  • Convenient website


  • Didn’t meet deadline
  • No proofreading
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Best USCIS Translation Services Reviewed by Certified Experts (4)

Start at $32.0Min delivery time 24 hrs.

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This firm operates in 80 languages, which is a considerable amount. That is a good sign for those who want USCIS accepting their documents. First, we checked the website and pricing. We were disappointed because we didn’t see any pricing details on site until we placed our order. English translation wasn't the best, but our deadline was met, so we were pleased with the speed. Quality was top, counting that expert officer noted that document had high chances of passing.


  • Order was on time
  • Many languages
  • Good quality


  • No information on prices
  • Expensive services








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Best USCIS Translation Services Reviewed by Certified Experts (5)

Start at $40.0Min delivery time 8 hrs.

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Company has a clear site with all listed services for customers’ comfort. Linguists are freelancers who provide professional USCIS document translation due to their specialization and experience. We received a document of average quality but it was quickly revised, so we saw the best result. No wonder that reviews of this company were mixed because many customers indicated the wrong choice of English language experts.


  • Convenient site
  • Free revisions
  • Professional linguists


  • Expensive services
  • Quality depends on a freelancer
  • No samples of work








Best USCIS Translation Services Reviewed by Certified Experts (6)

Start at $30.0Min delivery time 6 hrs.

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Tomedes is a well-known service that specializes in more than 100 different languages, so there are high chances that your language will have accurate USCIS translation. Prices weren’t published on site, which is a disappointment. Still, there is a convenient price quote option which showed that reviews of Tomedes are relatively fair. Reviews of service speed and quality were mixed, so we were somewhat anxious about the result. Sure, there were several crucial errors, which were corrected later after revision, which turned out acceptable but not best.


  • Great customer support
  • Informative website
  • Affordable pricing
  • Unlimited revisions


  • Possibility of lateness
  • Mixed quality



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Best USCIS Translation Services Reviewed by Certified Experts (7)

Start at $25.0Min delivery time 14 days.

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This is some of lesser-known services on the market which was founded back in 1980. Specialists in this company can work with more than 100 languages, which is sure a good number. As for quality, text wasn’t bad except for some minor errors. Still, when translating documents for USCIS acceptance, even a small mistake can be detrimental. Plus, we received our order sometime after deadline, which was disappointing. Counting that pricing was expensive, we can’t say this is one of the best services due to our and customer’s reviews.


  • Acceptable quality of document


  • Expensive rate per word
  • Delayed delivery
  • Mixed customer reviews








Best USCIS Translation Services Reviewed by Certified Experts (8)

Start at $49.0Min delivery time 6 hrs.

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This service guarantees certified USCIS translation that gets accepted almost 100% of times. Service uses a large number of translation tools, but for USCIS, a human expert is needed. There are no published prices on this company's site, probably because service is quite expensive. Still, any drawbacks can be tolerated if quality is top. Sadly, it was clear that some parts of text were done by a machine, so there’s a lack of human proofreading. Document is safe if you use a proofreading option of service, but counting the price, service is far from best.


  • Variety of languages
  • Convenient site
  • Timely delivery


  • Mixed quality
  • Machine translation
  • Expensive services





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Best USCIS Translation Services Reviewed by Certified Experts (9)

Start at $31.0Min delivery time 6 hrs.

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Many of our visitors asked for review of this service, so we researched the company online, its site, and customer reviews. Site had all necessary information like pricing, available languages, services, etc. Still, quality reviews were quite mixed, and service didn’t seem to solve any misunderstandings and issues about its USCIS translation certificate failures. Sadly, our experience with service fell into the category of negative. First, we received adocument of a poor quality. To add, our order was a day late, and this agency did not offer a discount or refund, so we were utterly disappointed with the result which wasn’t best.


  • Easy to navigate website
  • Easy order placement
  • Services in many languages


  • Late delivery
  • Poor translation quality
  • Too high prices








Best USCIS Translation Services Reviewed by Certified Experts (10)

Start at $31.0Min delivery time 8 hrs.

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This agency provides assistance in more than 240 languages which is a record number. Sure, there is a USCIS translation along with many other types. To our regret, there weren’t any prices stated on the site, which we see as a crucial part because it lets customers decide which services to use. Prices themselves were somewhat costly but fell within average pricing policies. Sadly, the document disappointed us because we received poor quality translation. We think quality is the most crucial for a USCIS translation service, that’s why LanguageLine takes tenth place on our chart.


  • Record number of languages
  • Many services


  • No pricing
  • Prices too high
  • Poor quality

What is USCIS and Why Certify My Translation for It?

USCIS is an abbreviation for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, an agency that oversees immigration to the US. You need to address certified document translation services for USCIS when you are applying for a green card, citizenship, or visa in the United States. Usually, you need a pack of vital documents. This organization has strict demands concerning documents, so before sending your application ensure that everything is in place. They are also strict when it comes to translation of documents and require certification. That is why choose only professional language experts who have dealt with USCIS before and know all their requirements.

Which Documents Do I Need to Translate for USCIS Application?

There is a list of common documents which you should have for application. But before following this list, it is better to double-check current requirements at their website or talk to a representative. Some people may have unique cases so this list may not be quite suitable for their specific needs.

  • U.S. Passport or Passport Card
  • Foreign passport
  • Driver’s license
  • ID card
  • School ID with a photograph
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • School record card
  • Clinic or hospital record
  • Nursery school or daycare record

There are some other necessary documents, for example you may need best transcript translation services forUSCIS. Visit the official website for more information or make a call with their office.

Do I Have to Notarize My USCIS Documents?

Some time ago you needed notarized certified documents and people were not able to immigrate without certain stamps or signatures. Still, rules changed, became more liable and you do not need notarization for immigration purposes anymore. Documents only have to be certified.

Our Evaluation Criteria for Best Services

Our initial plan was to check the most popular agencies and review their services. But the more we did it, the more requests we got from our users, who wanted us to investigate a specific company. So, now our Expert Review Team picks translation agencies for their research based on your queries.

When we evaluate our companies that translate documents for USCIS, we pay attention to certain criteria. First, we evaluate the company's site, which should contain all necessary information. We learn about legal translations services and other assistance offered there. Next, we read online reviews about company, user experience, and compare prices. Finally, we speak with customer support, place orders, and wait for our texts. After this, our expert USCIS officer double-checks the document for mistakes.

How to Choose Your Best USCIS Translations

There are certain criteria that you should mind when you choose your professional translation online. If you already have best candidates, check if they have:

  • Official certifications. Whole company and its employees have to be certified. This guarantees flawless, accurate documents without mistakes.
  • Human experts. Machines may be useful for some texts but not for USCIS documents because they have to be checked manually by an expert.
  • Best prices. They don’t have to be too high and range within average market price. You don’t want to overpay because USCIS certified documents usually cost more even when the company has low prices.
  • Urgency option. Check if the company can deliver your documents in a short time because you might need it when you apply.

Read Professional Reviews of Top Companies Online

Sure, you want to submit error-free documents that will be accepted without problem. That’s why, choose only the best services with great reputation, experience, and accurate results. Such agencies usually have best pricing, top specialists, and great customer reviews. To research the background of a company, read reviews at PickWriters, and find out more about USCIStranslation services rates. This will allow you to choose the best option for your documents, save money, and receive an accurate certified document for USCIS acceptance.


  • What if I submit a poorly translated document to USCIS?

If documents contain wrong data, USCIS won’t accept them. That means you will have to resubmit documents. It’s best to avoid such situation because time is priceless when it comes to immigration or other purposes.

  • Do I have to submit a birth certificate to USCIS?

Birth certificate is one of the USCIS translation certification that a person needs to submit. It is as important for immigration as an ID card, marriage, or divorce certificate.

  • Do I need to notarize my official USCIS certified documents?

A few years ago, you still had to do this but now, there is no need in notarizing your documents. Still, they have to be certified due to guidelines.

  • Can I translate my documents for USCIS by myself?

To process documents, a specialized immigration linguist puts their name, signature, address, and date to prove that document is correct. That means it’s best not to process your documents by yourself.

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Best USCIS Translation Services Reviewed by Certified Experts? ›

The translation must be certified by a translator competent in English. The translation must be certified by a translator competent in the source language. The certification must state the name or type of document. The certification must be accompanied by a signature of the translator.

Who can certify translation for USCIS? ›

The translation must be certified by a translator competent in English. The translation must be certified by a translator competent in the source language. The certification must state the name or type of document. The certification must be accompanied by a signature of the translator.

Does USCIS require certified translation? ›

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires a certified translation for any non-English documents to accept them as part of your application. The most common documents submitted to USCIS include vital certificates (ex: birth, marriage, divorce certificates), affidavits, transcripts, passports, etc.

How do I find the best translation agency? ›

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Translation Agency
  1. Make sure they hire professional translators. ...
  2. Find out what they specialize in. ...
  3. Consider the company's translation and revision process. ...
  4. Check out reviews and ask for recommendations. ...
  5. Make sure the company can complete your project on time and within budget.
Dec 28, 2022

What is the difference between certified and notarized translation USCIS? ›

In simple terms, a certified translation is needed for court procedures, legal documents, USCIS, and all immigration and naturalization purposes. Notarized translation is typically required for local DMV offices, the US Department of State, for US Passport applications, or when sending documents abroad.

What is the official translation services for USCIS? ›

Languex offers FREE certification with any translated document, including immigration documents. We guarantee USCIS acceptance of all our certified translated documents. Translations are performed by 100% human, native language translators, and are turned around within 24 hours.

How do I know if my translator is certified? ›

Look up their phone number on their website or on Google and give them a call. This method also has the same added benefit as the email method. You can confirm whether or not the agency provides certified translation services or not and ask them any further questions you have.

Can I do my own certified translation? ›

The certification statement must specify whether the signer has translated or reviewed the translation. Note: Although there is no rule expressly prohibiting certifying a translation for yourself or family members, it is generally frowned upon.

Is Rush translate accepted by USCIS? ›

You can rest assured that our certified translations will be accepted by USCIS.

Is certified translation the same as certified translator? ›

Despite their similar names, a document prepared by a “certified translator” is not the same as a “certified translation.” A certified translator is an individual who has passed a certification exam to verify his/her professional translation skills in a certain language.

What is the most recognized translation certification? ›

ATA certification is one of the industry's most respected and recognized credentials for translators. It is also the only widely recognized measure of competence for translation in the U.S.

How much should I pay for translation services? ›

The average cost of a professional translator can range anywhere from $0.10 to $0.30 per word, depending on the language pair being translated, the quality of the translation, the turnaround time, and other factors.

Who is the best to give the translator to? ›

I suggest giving it to Gifted Riley Bee if you are better in red(stats and more red bees),and Gifted Bucko Bee if you are better in blue(stats and more blue bees). If your bees are better at fighting(and you have a vicious bee),give it to stick bug.

What does USCIS require for translated documents? ›

Translations – If you submit a document with information in a foreign language, you must also submit a full English translation. The translator must sign a certification that the English language translation is complete and accurate, and that he or she is competent to translate from the foreign language into English.

Does USCIS have translators? ›

We translate our materials into other languages to help people with limited English skills. If there are differences between English and another language, the English version is the official version. Was this page helpful?

Does the birth certificate translation need to be notarized for USCIS? ›

Does a translated birth certificate need to be notarized for USCIS? No, USCIS requires translations to be certified, but not notarized. Notarized translation entails a Notary confirming the identity of the person signing the Certificate of Translation Accuracy.

What is the best translation service for USCIS? ›

Read on and find about the top 10 USCIS services on the market today.
  • 4.5/5. Quality: ...
  • 3.2/5. Quality: ...
  • 3.6/5. 3.0/5. ...
  • 3.6/5. ...
  • 4.0/5. ...
  • 3.6/5. ...
  • 4.0/5. ...
  • 4.0/5.

Does USCIS accept online notarization? ›

For benefit requests filed electronically as permitted by form instructions, USCIS accepts signatures in an electronic format.

Is Rushtranslate com a good site? ›

Amazing service! I was needed translation was done in 2 hours. All done on time, right way and price was very good! Highly recommend for translation sevices.

How long do certified translations take? ›

Normally, a professional human translator can accurately translate a document containing 2,000 words in one day. For a complex or technical document, a translator can do about 1,500 words a day.

Does certified translation mean notarized? ›

The Difference Between Certified and Notarized Translation

The main difference between the two forms of translation is the presence of a notary public. Having a translation notarized isn't a guarantee of quality or accuracy.

How long is a certified translation valid for? ›

A translation cannot change over time and should be valid indefinitely unless the original document has changed or has expired. If the signature of a certified translator or notary has expired, it does not invalidate the translation.

How do I get certified translated documents? ›

How to certify a document
  1. Write 'Certified to be true copy/translation of the original seen by me' on the document.
  2. Sign and date the document.
  3. Print their name under the signature.
  4. Add their occupation, address and telephone number.
May 23, 2022

Can a friend translate documents for USCIS? ›

Anyone who is fluent in both the original language and English can translate a document for USCIS consideration. However, the translation must be typed (NOT handwritten). It's also a good idea to type your certification letter. Currently, the U.S. does not require your translation to be notarized.

How much does immigration translation cost? ›

Only $20 per page

We charge one of the lowest rates for USCIS translation: $20 per page if the page has less than 200 words. Most of your documents have less than 200 words, and if there are more words on the page, we charge $0,12 per word. We do not have extra rush or weekend fees.

Do I need an interpreter for USCIS interview? ›

If you are from another country and not fluent or comfortable in English, and you need to attend an interview at an office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, you might need to bring your own interpreter. That way, the USCIS officer and you can communicate through this person acting as intermediary.

What is the difference between sworn and certified translation? ›

In this case, certification means verifying that the translator is accredited by a legal authority. Unlike a sworn translation which only requires the skills of an expert translator, certification requires a third party who will verify the quality of the translation.

What is certification accurate translation? ›

What is a certified translation? A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed statement confirming that the translation is a true and accurate copy of the original document, completed to the best of the translator's knowledge and ability.

What are certified translation services? ›

A certified translation is one which fulfills the requirements in the country in question, enabling it to be used in formal procedures, with the translator accepting responsibility for its accuracy. These requirements vary widely from country to country.

What is the best translation course? ›

In summary, here are 10 of our most popular translation courses
  • Translation in Practice: Nanjing University.
  • International Organizations for Interpreters: University of Geneva.
  • Amazon Translate: Translate documents with batch translation: Coursera Project Network.
  • Machine Translation: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

How much does a 1000 word translation cost? ›

How much does it cost to translate 1000 words? According to the rates we cited at the beginning of this article, the cost can be between $80 and $500. The exact price will depend on the type of document, the language combination and the urgency of the translation, among other factors.

How many hours does it take to translate 1000 words? ›

A single translator, however, will need at least four hours to finish working on a file that has 1000 words. These calculations are applicable when clients ask for rush translations.

How much does Spanish translation services cost? ›

Rates typically charged by English-to-Spanish translator on Upwork are: Beginner: $15 per hour. Intermediate: $25 per hour. Advanced: $40 per hour.

What is the world's most reliable translator? ›

DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator.

What language needs translator the most? ›

10 high-paying languages for translators
  • Mandarin. ...
  • Arabic. ...
  • French. ...
  • 5. Japanese. ...
  • Hindi. ...
  • Spanish. ...
  • Italian. ...
  • Portuguese. Considered the fastest growing language after English, Portuguese is an important language for many professionals in business and science.
Feb 16, 2023

What country pays translators the most? ›

German tops our list of the highest paying translation languages. The language is closely associated with the business world, so German translators often make good money. The average annual income of a German translator in the US is $50,000. Professionals in the UK make an average of £34,000.

Can I bring my own interpreter to USCIS? ›

USCIS does not provide interpreters for non-English speaking interviewees at affirmative asylum interviews. Accordingly, interviewees are required to bring their own interpreter to the interview.

Do translations expire USCIS? ›

Government agencies will likely reject a translated document that isn't certified or notarized. For an agency to accept a translation of your birth certificate, a reliable and competent translator must certify the document. A certified translation never expires.

Do I need to send original documents to USCIS? ›

For all other documents, the applicant may submit a photocopy of the document required; however, he or she may be required to present the original: in person, upon the request of a USCIS or consular official during an interview, or. by mail, in response to a written request from USCIS.

How do I get an interpreter to my USCIS interview? ›

If you bring your own interpreter, they must complete an “interpreter's oath and privacy release statement” and provide a copy of their government-issued ID upon arriving at the USCIS field office. During the interview, the interpreter may not provide any opinion or answer any interview questions on your behalf.

Where can I get an interpreter for immigration interview? ›

If you are searching for a way to get a suitable interpreter for an immigration interview, look no further than Acutrans. Acutrans is a language services agency that has provided skilled translators and interpreters to individuals and businesses for over twenty years.

What is rapid translate USCIS? ›

With Rapid Translate you are provided with a certified english translation in PDF format within 24 hours for up to 3 pages, at a low price of $27.99 per page. Rapid Translate translations are globally accepted by multiple organizations, including universities, the UCSIS, the department of state, and local authorities.

How do I get USCIS certified translation? ›

How to translate immigration documents for USCIS
  1. Find an appropriate translator or translation company.
  2. Ask for a quote and delivery time.
  3. Submit an electronic copy of your documents to your translation provider.
  4. Receive your certified translation.
Jan 10, 2023

How to get a Mexican birth certificate translated to English? ›

Ask the consulate in your area if there is a translation service offered. Many consulates will provide translations of official documents at low-cost, free or affordable prices.

How do you translate a document officially? ›

Find a translator for your documents and obtain a quote.

The American Translators Association has an online Language Services Directory, where you can find a professional translator quickly and easily. Simply select the language of the original document and you'll see a list of translators who work from that language.

Who can translate at USCIS interview? ›

You can bring an interpreter if you are exempt from the English requirements (which means you are allowed to use your native language at the interview). Your interpreter can be a member of your family or a friend, but you have to let USCIS know in advance who you are bringing.

Can anyone certify a translation? ›

In the United States, anyone can certify a translation. A translator does not need to be certified in order to provide a certified translation. The individual translator can certify their translations, as can an employee of a translation company.

Who can be a translator in a USCIS interview? ›

The interpreter you bring to your USCIS interview does not have to be a trained or licensed professional. The only eligibility requirements are that they be over the age of 18 and fluent in both your language and in English.

Who is considered as a qualified translator? ›

A certified translator is someone who has been recognized by a government agency or other organization as having the skills and qualifications needed to translate written documents or spoken words from one language into another.

Can I bring my own interpreter to USCIS interview? ›

[International and Refugee Adjudications Supplement – 1]. USCIS does not provide interpreters for non-English speaking interviewees at affirmative asylum interviews. Accordingly, interviewees are required to bring their own interpreter to the interview.

Does USCIS provide interpreters? ›

During this extension period, if you are fluent in any of the languages listed below, we will require you to use a USCIS contract interpreter, which we will provide free of charge, at your affirmative asylum interview. USCIS contract interpreters are carefully vetted and must meet high standards of competency.

Can I do a certified translation myself? ›

A certified translation into English must be carried out by a professional qualified translator or company in the language combination, usually a member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) or the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL).

How much does a USCIS translator earn? ›

An Immigration Court Interpreter in your area makes on average $62,686 per year, or $1,614 (3%) more than the national average annual salary of $61,072. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Immigration Court Interpreter salaries.

Does USCIS waive interviews? ›

Green Card Approval in Some Cases Without an Interview

As noted, the biggest piece of good news is that USCIS appears to be waiving the interview requirement for some green card applicants seeking an adjustment of status.

Can I take a translator for U.S. visa interview? ›

19 I do not speak Finnish or English and want to bring a translator with me? Due to security regulations the Embassy needs to have translator's name before they arrive to the Embassy. If you are unable to be interviewed in Finnish or English, please contact the call center well in advance before your interview.

How do I choose a document translation service? ›

Paying attention to these six factors will help you pick the translation company that is right for you.
  1. Certification. Assuring quality in a translation can be difficult. ...
  2. Language Experience. Before choosing a translator, consider their language experience. ...
  3. Industry Expertise. ...
  4. Get References. ...
  5. Availability. ...
  6. Value.
Jan 20, 2015


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